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We teach simple techniques that enable you to make fast and effective decisions - saving you money and enhancing your working life.
Coaching Nation is one of the world's first dedicated Online Life and Business Coaching Platforms; digital coaching for the modern age. Anywhere, anytime.

We also work extensively face-to-face with Executives and Staff, run Workshops and Presentations for teams and at events - and sometimes a combination of all three.
Imagine, the small things you do today can turn into the substance of tomorrow. The 'Da Vinci Factor.' Whatever our clients' visions are, we support them in achieving the imaginable and unimaginable.

Within our first couple of years of operating we have already amassed quite the client list over a myriad of different industries; Law, Recruitment, Philanthropy, Accountancy, Property, Inernational Cinema et al.
We have also had the privilege of working with senior managers and teams at some fantastic charitable organisations such as UNICEF and the Thomson Reuters Foundation and will be in the heat of the kitchen with Jamie Oliver’s apprentices in the New Year. We continued this trend as partners in Global Entrepreneurship Week 2014 running sell-out sessions for SMEs and graduates.
A change of perspective - small orange tab causes big office changes


UNICEF - Enhancing motivation, communication and decision-making skills - from the moment we were done the dynamic managers went on to implement changes within their working environment.


Thomson Reuters Foundation - Time management coaching  - full of surprises for the Thomson Reuters managers. From eating berries to counting backwards; in a room full of people to a virtual space spanning three continents; CEO Sharon Kennet imparting  “time-bending” techniques.
Following on from our work with female professionals we will be running our next ‘Influence’ sessions for women wanting to move up in their careers and enhance their gravitas at work and in the board room. These breakfast coaching sessions run in the Regents Park area for a total of 5 women at a time. For more information contact us.
Our all male sessions will be running in the New Year. Reserve your place here.
Coaching College Day Compettion!!



Hot off the press. We will soon be launching the Coaching Nation College Day Competiton, equipping young people from challenging backgrounds with the skills to make more informed life and career decisions.
Lots of quirky pledges to come, for example, nominations for 'individual of the year.'  More to follow very soon.


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less stress, better relationships, more innovation, more happiness, more productivity, and much much more motivation.

For more information about time management, enhanced motivation, change management, team dynamics, presentation skills, staff retention or any of the other solutions we offer drop us an email - we'd love to hear from you!


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