How to turn your enemies into your friends and your arguments into an asset™

Introduction to your free 8-part programme:

During the heyday of the Slapstick era there were many exponents of the blame game. Laurel and Hardy were one of my favourites.

They were a massively successful 1920’s comedy duo. They liked a good verbal and physical argument and often used the expression ‘that’s a fine mess you got me into.’ They were the ultimate exponents of the blaming game, which led them into more fighting and meant they were nigh on incapable of even the most basic endeavours.

Just like Laurel and Hardy we love a good bit of blaming and it gets us nowhere fast. First rule of thumb: If you want to prevent an argument escalating, hold back the blame. Blame feels great - we lap it up like our favourite dessert. Just remember there’s a price to pay for that pleasure. I’m not saying it’s easy to control but it’s possible. Having simple tools to successfully manage our own behaviour and a better understanding of people, and their volatile and unpredictable nature, gives you an added advantage within the workplace and in your personal relationships.

This programme will help you:

  • Pick up signals before an argument starts
  • Divert and diffuse arguments once they begin
  • Turn your arguments into an asset

There are 8 parts to the programme, full of tips and strategies that you can use straight away. What this programme won’t and can’t do is eliminate conflict. Conflict is a part of life and part of the human condition. Believe it or not that’s actually very reassuring because it is one thing you can definitely guarantee will occur at some point, and this tool kit is your insurance policy.

The content of this course is the result of many years of learning, research and practice. For 7 years I worked in the UK and in Europe with the prison and probation service developing anger management and life skills courses for some of Europe’s most angry individuals. For over 20 years I ran workshops with Universities, schools, banks, businesses, communities and the creative industries exploring the nature of collaboration, from Coutts Bank to The Royal Opera House.

All this does not mean I advocate that mine is the only way, it is simply an approach. Some of this learning also came from youthful mistakes learned the hard way. Wouldn’t it have been great to have access to this material before these mistakes were made! Throughout the programme, there will be options and examples to suit your preferred styles.

I don’t suggest that one shoe fits all. That would be contrary to everything that this course will teach you. This programme is about flexible and creative thinking. How much impact this programme will have will depend on how much you reflect and practise, because bizarrely managing difficult people is not dissimilar to drama, it takes rehearsal to be better at it, even if you have a natural aptitude. Now of course if you have navigated your life and our planet and have never experienced any difficulties, conflict or dilemmas then I take my hat off to you. Please contact me with your intergalactic secrets and I will be delighted to include them in my course updates.

And if you’ve received this course by mistake then it’s only fair to let you know that this is definitely not the Bart Simpson, I didn't do it, nobody saw me do it, there's no way you can prove anything! approach to conflict resolution.

The first part of How to turn your enemies into your friends and your arguments into an asset will be arriving in your mailbox shortly. If it doesn’t arrive please do make sure our email address is in your safe senders list otherwise the programmes could have ended up in your servers’ junk mail by mistake. And do create a special folder in your email program for this course, so you’ll be able to refer back easily to the lessons again later anytime you want to.

If you have any questions then please feel free to contact me directly. If I can help I will and if I can’t and know someone who can, I’ll pass on their details to you.

Over the next few weeks we’ll discover what presses your buttons, how to avoid being blamed, how to prevent blaming others, and how to diffuse irate and difficult opponents. We’ll also cover how to get into the minds of everyone including your enemies, how to turn behaviour on its head, how to turn all these tools into an asset and how to elevate yourself to a heavenly position in your eyes and in the eyes of others.

Delighted to have you on the course and looking forward to talking with you again soon.

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